Flying Redefined – Our A350s take to the skies

As the saying goes, the journey is just as important as the destination, so it only makes sense that we’ve introduced a new member to our Airbus family – the sleek and sophisticated Airbus A350.

Combining advanced aerodynamics, state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs, the A350 is leading the way in civil aviation. It’s faster, smarter, and greener, and will transform your flying experience.
Here are five reasons why you need to experience our A350:

Feel Roomier
A wider airframe and larger windows will offer you ample room and greater views. You can also say goodbye to the Tetris stress of carry-on baggage, with extra overhead stowage space available across all cabin classes.



Better Sleep
There’s nothing greater than an uninterrupted sleep during your flight. With newly fitted seats designed to maximise comfort and functionality, you can truly sit back and relax. Snuggle up to a better sleep in Economy Class, with the six-way headrest design that ‘hugs’ the head, and new super soft pillows and eco-friendly blankets. Want to try Premium Economy Class? You’ll get a full length leg-rest for that much needed body stretch, more space to move with a retractable armrest, and a personal reading light. For the ultimate recline, fly Business Class and treat yourself to a fully flat bed. Designed by Studio F.A. Porsche, these seats-turned-beds come with our most generous sleeping surface yet, allowing you to sleep however you like.



Your well-being is important to us. To combat jetlag, the A350 cabins are pressurised to a lower cabin altitude of 6,000ft, meaning more oxygen and less fatigue. For general well-being improvements, the aircraft is fitted with LED mood lighting that changes colour according to flight phase, as well as a draught-free air circulation system – filtering air every three minutes – to keep humidity levels in check.



Stay Connected
The A350 offers Wi-Fi service packages and free access to inflight entertainment on your personal HD TV screen immediately upon boarding. Enjoy the freedom to use your own electronic devices throughout the flight, with the convenience of added USB ports and power sockets available at every seat.





Going Green
Running on the latest generation Rolls Royce Trent XWB engines, the A350 consumes 25 percent less fuel than other leading aircraft models. To boost aerodynamic efficiency, the wings are designed to change shape by small movements of the flap. The aircraft’s ability to map out the most efficient flight paths also ensures smoother and quieter take-offs and landings. To top it off, the new bento box inspired tray design reduces material usage without compromising on look and quality. Have your inflight meals served tasty and chic.



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