Cathay Pacific and Port Adelaide’s Interview Series Part 2

Port Adelaide Football Club’s Travis Boak, Matthew White and Tom Jonas reveal their impressions of Hong Kong, the food they love most, and plenty more in this exclusive interview.

We sat down with Port Adelaide’s top players Travis Boak, Matthew White and Tom Jonas to discuss everything travel, Asia and AFL.


CX: So where did you go during the off-season?

TB: I was New York and LA during my time off, but I like to go overseas a fair bit. Anywhere with a beach or in America is quite nice, and I just recently came back from Shanghai as well which was beautiful.

MW: Last year I was lucky enough to go to New Zealand and Hawaii. A bit of winter, a bit of summer – it was a really fun time!


CX: What’s the next place on your list?

MW: Well I’m a bit jealous of my wife who’s going to Japan in a few months, so hopefully I’m gonna go somewhere in China, Hong Kong maybe. I’m not too sure yet, but they’re definitely on my list of places to go and see.

TJ: I think I’m going to spend some time in Europe. I’ve been to London before but I’d love to go to Germany and maybe up to Scandanavia in Norway and Sweden.


CX: What are your impressions of Hong Kong?

TB: Well I haven’t been to Hong Kong yet, but I’ve heard amazing things about it. From what I’ve seen it’s a beautiful city and it’s a place I’ve always wanted to get to. So what better way than to match up the sport I love and my job to travel there and experience it at the same time. I’m really looking forward to it.

TJ: I’ve had some great experiences in Hong Kong. Mainly it’s the food and the culture there, it’s got great nightlife, beautiful lights and a little bit of fun in Lan Kwai Fong as well.


CX: Have you been to the peak?

TJ: Yeah I have been up to the peak which is pretty awesome. I’ve also been to the Wednesday night races, which is great fun!


CX: You open up a fortune cookie, what do you wish it says?

TB: Good Luck or Happiness, or something like that would probably be the number one thing. Anything with good fortune really.

MW: So many things! But I’d love it to tell me I was gonna win a Premiership at the end of the year. Get to hold the cup up nice and high after all the hard work!

TJ: You’re gonna win the premiership in 2017!


CX: Noodles or dumplings?

TB: I would’ve said noodles 5 years ago because I’m a fussy eater, but I’ve just started eating dumplings, so it’s a pretty close one now. Maybe both at the same time? I do like a lot of food but… nah I think I’m still going with noodles.

MW: That’s way too hard. Can I put them together? Noodles with dumplings on top would be the perfect meal for me!

TJ: I love dumplings!

Your teammates say they like noodles more!

TJ: Do they?! Really? We always come down to Chinatown for dumplings!

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