Meet Julia, our Cathay Correspondent Writer!

We sat down with our of our Correspondents before they left on their adventure to get to know them better. First up, meet our writer Julia of Lost and Found Traveller!

We sat down with our of our Correspondents before they left on their adventure to get to know them better. First up, meet our writer Julia of Lost and Found Traveller!

Please share some further information about your winning entry?
The juxtaposition of this sweat drenched stranger, running one moment, then poised and pensive, lost in his music moments later is what inspired me to capture the image.

I could not still my writer’s curiosity. I wanted to know who was he, why was he here and what was his story? I was drawn to the quiet moment of calm that he commanded and mesmerised by the irony of watching New York, the city that never sleeps, awake from across the East River.
What has been your favorite trip so far?
The feat of choosing my favourite trip is like trying to choose my favourite child, but if raw emotion is anything to go by, then undoubtedly, Switzerland. Switzerland literally moved me to tears as I was humbled by the unbridled beauty, serenity and an overwhelming sense of how fleeting my life is in contrast to the mountainous landscape which has been there long before and would remain long after my passing. For this reason, Switzerland was a very spiritual experience.
What are you most looking forward to this trip?
Whilst I enjoy experiencing the obvious delights of any new destination, it is the hunt to uncover what lies beneath a city’s surface that I most enjoy. The actual process of discovery, combined with the feelings of anticipation is what I thrive on, much like a child on Christmas Eve.

As such, I believe that every city has a heartbeat. A heartbeat that is distinctive and unique, which tempers the culture of a place. I am most eager to experience the heartbeat of Hong Kong beyond the guide books.

Tell us about your love for Writing?
I’ve been known to say, “ … there is power within the pen, and life in the words we speak and write.” My love for writing is merely an extension of my love affair with words. The process is not only cathartic, but an opportunity to sow seeds of inspiration, new ideas, perspective, and of course to inform and entertain.

Photography is yet another dimension that enhances the storytelling, and is an endless source of creative fulfilment.
Why do you love travel so much/what does travel mean to you?
From 2013 to date, my love for adventure and the world has intensified. It’s not travel in itself that I love so much, but rather what travel represents and the way in which it evolves and changes me. I stood next to a glacier for the first time in 2016, and no longer can I turn the air conditioner on without the conscious thought process , “… how will this affect the glaciers?

Travel has made it so that no longer can I freely shop without questioning, “…whose hands made this? And at what cost?” Travel has also provided me with an enlightened perspective, without needing to blindly accept whatever story the media purports. In short, travel has literally changed the way I view the world, and consequently the way in which I now live. It is liberating, edifying, and ridiculously exciting.
What does Life Well Travel mean to you?
If home is where the heart is, then much of the world is my home. Reflecting on my travels I have left a piece of my heart in every place I’ve ever visited, and in it’s place taken away something new in exchange. This is the essence of a life well lived, where you have become a resident of the world by the blurring of borders. A life well travelled, is a life more lived.

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I love talking to strangers.

I adore mornings, from around 6am, but I’m actually a night owl, (and rarely in bed before midnight).

I prefer walking whenever I travel, often averaging 14 kilometres per day.

Combine all these things, and you have yourself an accurate reflection of a typical travel day in my itinerary.
How many cities have you visited? 
14 in the last 4 years. I started my travel adventures later in life.

Anything else you would like to add?
I’m never happier than when armed with pen in hand, camera on my shoulder, a map in my pocket and the horizon of foreign lands in sight.

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